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26 February 2018

Cosplay isn’t just for the professionals


As a fan of Cosplay I scour the conventions looking for the best costumes and the people who exemplify their characters. I have discovered that often it is the person behind the mask that makes a costume a success or a failure. People who dress up as their favorite characters do so out of a love for the character, show, comic, or game. I truly admire those who go all the way and spend hundreds, if not thousands to create the perfect costume. Unfortunately for many like myself, we don’t have the money or skills to pull it off.

1238871_413368732098021_1486099693_nThis is why when I find people like The Catwoman Cosplayer I get truly excited. She inspires the desire in me to get in costume and run wild. Why you may ask, well the answer is simple. She proves that you don’t need to be a master costumer to be a good cosplayer.

I met Catwoman through a friend on Facebook and we got to talking about Cosplay. Her answers and insights into what it means to be a Cosplayer are the kinds of answers that people just getting into Cosplay need to hear. Lets take a look at what she had to say;


How did you get intoCosplay?

I got into Cosplay October 2010. My then boyfriend-now fiancé and I drove up to Nashville to meet a web comic artist we both enjoy (Jeff Jacques of Questionable Content. Funny stuff!) I bought a very generic catwoman costume from party city so I could really fit in. I was very excited! My fiancé was so-so.

When we arrived at the con, I was overwhelmed by the costumes and the culture. There was fantasy, sci-fi and comic memorabilia everywhere! I thought I died and went to heaven! I’ve been a con goer ever since.


What character do you enjoy playing the most?

I think it’s pretty obvious who I love to Cosplay the most! Catwoman has been a favorite character of mine since I was a little girl. When my kindergarten teacher asked all of us who we wanted to be when we grew up, I answered “I want to be Catwoman.”


Do you have any ritual or techniques that help you to get into character?

Never underestimate the power of mood music! I used certain tunes to help me get into character and get ready for cons. I swear, I have a play list in my iPod “Cool Cat Jams”. Some of songs in my playlist are songs comic Artist Adam Hughes listened to when he created his beautiful Catwoman covers. I mostly play “White Heat” from the Film Noir album, “Fever” by Peggy Lee, “Take Five” by Dave Brubeck, and “Julien dans l’ascenseur” by Miles Davis. Smooooooooth jazz, baby.


What conventions do you typically appear at?

I typically attend cons in the Midsouth area. I primarily attend the cons in Memphis, Tn because of the incredibly convenient location! The cons are right down the street from me. My first local (and favorite) con was Memphis Comic and Fantasy Con, who I do some promo work with. I’ll travel when I can, but with my upcoming wedding, my time is a little eaten up!


1238741_413368715431356_1452154020_nDo you have any advice for someone who wants to get involved in Cosplay but doesn’t know how to make costumes?

The beauty of cons is creativity flourishes all around you!! You can let your imagination run wild with what you want to do. Look in thrift shops, accessory stores, even Party City! There is no shame in not being able to sew your own costumes. I can’t sew for jack! Keep your eyes open for things (and people!) you can find and help give you the look you want.


Any advice on places to get custom made or good off the rack costumes?

I get my costumes done by local costumers. I have a guy that makes my suits, and a guy that makes my accessories that I can’t find in stores. If you can find a local costumer in your area and support your city’s business!


For the many fans of Cosplay, do you have any words of wisdom regarding taking pictures of the people in costume?

When it comes to pictures, always be polite and ask! I always appreciate when someone asks me for a photo! It means I did a good job bringing the character to life. However, If you see someone sitting down with their mask off or they’re eating, let them be. They’re clearly tired and want a little break. Don’t worry, you’ll see them again!


Do you have a hero in the Cosplay community?

My heroes of the Cosplay community are my friends! They are so dedicated to their craft and we’re always trading ideas with each other on Facebook! They want to bring their vision to life and always do so with flying colors. and some of them can sew, unlike me! I consider my friends to be my Cosplay heroes.


1230053_411700485598179_1795972850_nWhat can we expect to see of you in the coming year?

Since I’m getting married this year, I have a few “wifey” looks in mind! In fact, my fiancé, who has been so loving and supportive of my hobby, has suggested I Cosplay “The Bride” from Kill Bill! Perhaps I’ll debut her at a near-future con. I also have in the works Dr. Mrs. The Monarch from The Venture Bros, Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, and my big project that I currently working on is Batwoman. I hope to debut her at this year’s AWA. Wish me Luck!


As you can see, anyone can Cosplay. They have to have the desire to become their character, the will power to go through with it, and a place to show their costume off. If you don’t know how to make costumes then look around and piece one together from the many venders at sci fi and comic book conventions.

I am sure each and everyone of you has a favorite character from television, the movies, a game, or a book. Why not let your imagination run wild and put on a costume. Become that character you love so much and you too can call yourself a cosplayer.

Checkout the Catwoman Cosplayer on facebook to see a much more complete portfolio of her work.

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