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26 February 2018

ConventionMeet connecting Geeks everywhere

As a convention goer I often wish that there was a site or app that would allow me to connect with friends and set up events. Some conventions like GenCon or ComicCon actually create apps for their events but what about all of the other conventions that gamers and sci-fi fans attend? In comes Adrian Perez, of Mythwits fame, and his site Perez has listened to convention attendees and created a website that gives us the functionality of Facebook with a dedication towards those fanboys and girls who need something more comprehensive than Facebook for their event needs.

ConventionMeet is free and easy to use. You login and create a profile much like other social media networks. Then the fun begins. The site offers a simple system for blogging, posting photos from your cons, and a system for setting up events and meetings. As more and more conventions sign on the site will offer quick connections with con events and possibly even registrations.

I have explored the site pretty extensively and it has alot to offer. Comparing it to Facebook, ConventionMeet offers alot of tools that I have always desired with Facebook but were lacking.


 Facebook ConventionMeet
Easy set up of profile Easy set up of profile
Ability to create pages dedicated to whatever you desire Ability to create pages dedicated to whatever you desire
Ability to set up groups where like-minded people may talk about whatever hobby the are interested in Ability to set up groups where like-minded people may talk about whatever hobby the are interested in
Uploading of galleries is easy Uploading of galleries is easy and seems more smooth than facebook
Basic chat functions Basic chat functions
Inhouse messaging system Inhouse messaging system
Events Events
Polls are easy to set up
Q&A system to help you understand people’s desires
Ability to send gifts to friends
A much better system is in place to invite people to join and network with you
Functions well on devices with an app Works well on devices without the need to download an app
Ability to set up a store is built in. This can let you sell your cosplay and fan oriented stuff
The site will offer contests that are sponsored by various vendors where you can win cool prizes
A badge system for earning rep amongst your friend for being active on the site.
A simple system for blogging with the ability to import from your WordPress account.
A credit system for active users where you can earn points that will be able to be redeemed for merchandise in the future. Right now it can be used to get virtual items but who knows what goodies will be available as the site grows.
A basic Podcast setup is also available. Who knows how that will grow as time moves on.


Now the site is completely run by one guy, Adrian Perez. The site is also in Beta right now. This means there are occasional glitches but as I spoke with Perez about them, he jumped on repairing the issues and had them fixed in a matter of hours. Try getting such a fast response out of Facebook and you will see that you wait months or more. Perez is doing everything himself including funding though he is starting a Patrean account and this means the site might be able to draw in some much needed resources to get it running faster and more smoothly.

As the site is new and still in development do not expect everything to run perfectly. For what Perez designed it for, the site works great. I have set up a group dedicated to the RPG Seventh Sea, a Page dedicated to TotalCon, and explored every button I could find. The only real issue I had was with my Ipad which seemed to connect slowly and respond sluggishly with the site. I suspect this will not be a problem as the site is more completely developed.

All in all Perez has developed a much needed resource and once the Convention circuit catches wind of this tool, I suspect it will become the main resource used by convention goers like myself. You should go check out ConventionMeet and see for yourself. It is a geeks best friend. I will be using it to set up much of my activity at TotalCon 2015. If you are going this will be a great chance to check out ConventionMeet and network with me. As a final note, Nerd Rage News will sponsor ConventionMeet’s first contest. Not sure what that contest will be but it should start up in the next week or so. This means you need to check it out and through your hat into the lot. You could win a cool prize.

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