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22 February 2018

Conflicted, The Survival Card Game

I recently came across an interesting card game called Conflicted. The game is a social game that is played by imagining the worst possible scenarios and coming up with a plan to overcome them. As role players we often do this but we do it with our characters and rarely do so putting us the drivers seat. This game puts you at ground zero and then offers you the chance to see if you have what it takes to survive.

Game play begins by shuffling the deck and placing it in the center of the table. Then one at a time, each player draws a card and reads it aloud. The cards present a series of problems. Every other player then tries to come up with the best possible solution tot he problem. The player who drew the card listens and decides which answer he thinks is best. He gives the card to that player and play moves onto a new questioner. This goes on until every card in the deck is read. The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins.

Now when I tried out the game I was very excited but quickly realized that knowledge of things like survival, conflict, prepping, etc. were of extreme use. I also realized that if the person answering the question has no understanding of these subjects, they were likely to award a card to a player that really did not deserve it. The card game quickly became a social game. It was fun and I am sure many of the other players learned much while stretching their minds around the questions and the many answers given. I am definitely playing the game again but the next time will be with a group of preppers so I can see a different aspect of the game. I can even imagin this game being turned into a fun drinking game.

Here is a little of what the game designer had to say about the game:

  • When we are all faced with tough situations, we have an idea of how we are going to act. We tend to think this idea is the way most reasonable people would act as well. The problem is that another person in your prepping group also feels the same way, about a completely different answer to the same question.

  • So depending on how seriously you want to play the game with the other players you can really get into some great discussions and get a feel for what kind of person your friend or family member “really” is before you both are faced with a difficult situation and emotions are running high.

  • Or you can go completely in a different direction and play the game casually with someone who isn’t into prepping at all and then we’re sure that at the end of the gaming session that person will be thinking about becoming a prepper themselves.

  • Most questions aren’t about the scenario itself, but are about the choice that needs to be made. Where do you and others around you draw the line between your own survival versus your morals?

  • The game will raise an awareness regarding other areas of prepping that perhaps you didn’t think about.

  • Practice your barter, negotiating and leadership skills.

  • Realize that the only thing that keeps us in line is a world of illusions and once that is taken away, the great majority of people will default back to their animal instincts.

  • Play the game as seriously as your group can handle, or as casually as you want to introduce someone new to the concept of prepping.

  • See what kind of person you really are when you need to chose between life versus your own moral compass.

  • Conflicted: the survival card game is like a mirror that exposes your real survival philosophy to yourself.

While I only played The New World Series, I understand that the there are at least two other decks on the market and more to come. I would love to get all three and shuffle them together for an even more complicated and complete exploration of the terrors that may befall us. One of the things I liked about the game is that it appears to be set up to increase awareness of the possibilities of bad things happening. The players I tried the game with had no knowledge of prepping, survival, or anything of that nature. I being the woodsman of the group and the only veteran in the group, found that the answers came to me quite quickly while others in the group seemed to struggle with the questions. Most of them took the stance that these cards were geared towards a zombie appocalypse but in reality I didn’t see any reference to the supernatural whatsoever in the cards. They presented clear cut social, political, and environmental conflicts that each and every one of us may potentially face in our lifetime. Long after the game we sat around drinking beers and discussing the cards. Some of the players asked me for references where they could go read more about survival and prepping. I found this to be a very interesting development.

Now if you are into disaster gaming, prepping, survival, or even interesting studies into human behavior, you will find this game to be awesome. The game is a great way to see if your friends think like you are perhaps have some skewed view of the world.


Here are detailed rules for the game lifted from the official website:

Survival Card Game – How to Play:
  1. Every scenario assumes the world has gone into chaos and that the apocalypse has taken place.
  2. When dealing cards, feel free to shuffle and pass around the cards between the players or leave the deck in the center of the gaming area and everyone draws a card, or any other way you see fit.
  3. Each turn starts with a player reading a question card to the person next to them, moving clockwise.
  4. Once the card is read, discard it aside.
  5. The answering player has 3 minutes to describe exactly what he or she would do in order to deal with the scenario.
  6. The remaining players will grade the answering players question on a scale from zero to three.
  7. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.
  8. Feel free to vote openly or in secret, depending on the maturity of the group. If in secret, one player must be chosen to add up the grades and announce a winner.
  9. Always take the scenarios on the cards at full face value. When in doubt about the complexity of the scenario of a card, the asking player will have the right to frame the scenario or question as they see fit, keeping it close to reality.
  10. Although Conflicted:The Survival Card Game has no foul language or nudity, the content is aimed at mature audiences only. Life in a post apocalyptic world isn’t to be taken lightly.


Modified Rules:

  1. What ifs: The player asks the question on the card to another player next to them. Initially the card must be taken at full face value (there wasn’t enough room to write every single detail). Once the answering player gives their first answer, everyone else will add to the initial question by asking “What If” type of questions that can extend the complexity of the scenario. It is more fun to keep it realistic instead of trying to force the answering player to give a forced answer.
  2. Debate: The initial answer gets debated by the group, then everyone gives feedback on the first answer. After the first answer has been dealt with, every player will go around and give their answer to the same question, continuing the debate until the group decides its time to move on.
  3. Teams: The players can divide themselves into groups and every question gets answered as if 2 or more people were present in the scenario.
  4. You decide: Conflicted: The Survival Card game can be modified to be played however you see fit.

This game is all about the journey, not the destination, as you’ll find out the first time you play it. This game was designed to show you the areas where you need to improve in order to survive a collapse of modern civilization. The goal of Conflicted: The Survival Card Game is to see how far someone is willing to go in order to survive, without losing what makes us all human.

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