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26 February 2018

Chariot Wars

Very few games that come across my desk fill me with immense excitement. Even fewer leave me feeling so disappointed that I wanted to scream at the developer. Chariot Wars looks awesome. It is a solid concept that if implemented in a good manner, would make for a great game. Set in the Roman Empire, you get to play an undercover detective who joins the chariot races to uncover a murderer. RPG elements aside. the game is about one thing, Chariot Racing.

I loved Ben Hur and was so excited when I was given a review code that I loaded it right away and jumped right in. My computer crashed. I restarted and tried again. Crash. I got it to load the third try only to have it freeze less than five minutes in. Another restart and another crash. WTF. I gave up and came back to try again a few days later.

This time the game seemed to work well for all of five minutes. Then my frame rate dropped from 200 to 3 and then 0. I quite honestly can’t give you a review for a game that is functionally broke. My computer is running 8 gigs of video with two I7 chips and is liquid cooled. It clocks in at supersonic speeds and never has loading issues with any other games that I play. Hell, I probably playtest games on this machine for 20+ hours a week. So what the hell is the problem with this game? More importantly, how did it pass STEAM’s standards?

The developer has a solid concept and a game with true potential. Now all he has to do is clean the damned thing up a bit and we will be good to go. I will revisit the game in a month or so and see if they patch it up. In the meanwhile, don’t waste your money on this one.

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