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23 January 2018


  • REVIEW: The Zeeq Smart Pillow

    by - Nov 29, 2017
    The Zeeq Smart Pillow is said to be one of the comfiest pillows in the world. I have to disagree, it took me several nights to get use to it. The pillow is huge and I...
  • Lactation Resource

    by - Jul 19, 2016
    Lactation Resource July 18, 2016 | Danny   Breastfeeding benefits (1) Breast-feeding provides so many benefits for you baby. For instance: Easier digestion – We know that breastmilk is better digested/tolerated than formula for most infants....
  • Wind Powerd Drill Turbine on KickStarter

    by - Jul 12, 2016
    Wind Power Drill Turbine                                                                ...
  • A sugar can melt away cholesterol

    by - Apr 8, 2016
    PLAQUE BE GONE A sugar called cyclodextrin stopped cholesterol crystals (white) from building up in the arteries of mice on a high-fat diet. Mice that had fewer cholesterol crystals also had fewer inflammation-causing immune cells called...
  • Typhoid toxin aids survival in mice

    by - Apr 7, 2016
    Bacterial protein prolonged life of infected host animals with no increase in cancer TOXIN TANKS  The bacterium Salmonella enterica Typhi causes typhoid fever in humans and produces a DNA-damaging protein called typhoid toxin. Typhoid toxin appears...
  • Understanding Micro Nutrients.

    by - Mar 23, 2016
    Vitamins   In this article, we will be working to identify fat soluble and water soluble vitamins and explain the various functions of individual vitamins in the body. We will also specify problems associated with vitamin...
  • Excess Protien

    by - Mar 23, 2016
    Proteins made up of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen , which also make up about 20% of our body weight, is what our body breaks down to form everything from bones, tissues, organs, blood, as well as...
  • Hair loss

    by - Mar 11, 2016
    Micronutrient status is infrequently monitored and current recommendations for supplementation are nonspecific for hair loss in long-term parenteral nutrition. Studies are required to determine the incidence of marginal zinc, selenium, iron or biotin deficiencies that could...
  • How proteins are digested and metabolized in the body.

    by - Mar 10, 2016
    Digestion of proteins begins in the mouth by mastication; the medical term for chewing in which we are breaking it down smaller to help with digestion and absorption. Creating what is called the bolus and is...
  • Sugar: The Bitter Truth

    by - Mar 6, 2016
    Did reducing fat consumption nationally help lower obesity and heart disease? No we just added more sugars to foods and to make it cheaper we created High Corn Fructose. What is high fructose corn syrup, why...

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