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29 April 2017


  • The best Scrap Mechanic creations so far

    by - Jan 24, 2016
    Scrap Mechanic is a new building game that released in Early Access last week. It’s a little like Besiege but bigger (and with fewer giant penis robots so far), with motors and spinning bearings and controllers that can be combined to make cars, tanks,...
  • Crashlands review

    by - Jan 23, 2016
    PC Gamer newsletter sign up NEED TO KNOW What is it? An action-exploration game with crafting elements.Publisher: Butterscotch ShenanigansDeveloper: Butterscotch ShenanigansReviewed on: Core i5-4670, 8GB RAM, GeForce GTX 970Expect to pay: £11/$15Multiplayer: NoneLink: Official site Crashlands feels like...
  • Los Santos is being rebuilt in Minecraft

    by - Jan 21, 2016
    As soon as VR is an affordable thing, I’ll probably live in Minecraft. It seems pretty peaceful. Most places I’d ever want to visit, both real and imagined, have been built in it. As long as I...
  • Undertale's Steam review section is pretty funny

    by - Jan 21, 2016
    Undertale is a very popular video game. Richard Cobbett rated it highly and he wasn’t alone: it was one of the most critically acclaimed games of 2015, rivalling the likes of The Phantom Pain and The Witcher 3. There’s a...
  • Rainbow Six: Siege 'Operation Black Ice' operators have apparently leaked

    by - Jan 20, 2016
    Rainbow Six Siege will gets its first free DLC update on February 2, adding two new operators and a map to the main game. That’s still a few weeks away, but someone with early access to...
  • The PC Gamer Show: ESPN, Twitch, and Hex: Shards of Fate

    by - Jan 20, 2016
    You can find the YouTube videos embedded at the bottom of the page this week! Welcome back to The PC Gamer Show, our weekly livestreamed podcast. You can catch the show live on Tuesdays at 1...
  • Metal Gear Online leaves beta, now live

    by - Jan 19, 2016
    Well, that was quick. We blinked and the Metal Gear Online beta vanished like Snake in a cardboard factory. Metal Gear Online is now live, and if you play at least one match before January 26 you’ll...
  • Minecraft: Education Edition announced

    by - Jan 19, 2016
    Minecraft has spawned a host of educational projects. All 43,000 square km of Denmark was scanned in and used to teach architecture; qCraft allowed us to visualise the strange world of quantum physics; and of course MinecraftEdu remixed the...
  • Martial arts MMO Blade & Soul launches today

    by - Jan 19, 2016
    It’s a brave publisher that releases an MMO in the West these days, but Blade & Soul has being doing the rounds in Korea since 2012, China from 2013 and then Japan the year after. Today, it...
  • Consortium: The Tower is now on Kickstarter

    by - Jan 18, 2016
    As promised last month, the Kickstarter for the first-person “immersive simulation” Consortium: The Tower—formerly The Tower Prophecy—is now underway. The campaign is seeking $450,000 Canadian, which I’m guessing works out to around 600 bucks US (or...

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