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21 January 2018

Behind the Curtain

  • Trailer: And Now a Word from a Gamer

    by - Aug 14, 2017
    Check out the Trailer for the upcoming documentary about gaming. It is full of great gamers including the awesome John Wick, Mike Pondsmith, and even Tim Kask. The film is due for release in October.  ...
  • Behind the Curtain with Sophia Rose

    by - Apr 18, 2017
    The talented Sophia Rose has been in some amazing films including; Secret Satan, #whoisBeverly, and the soon to be released Through Rosie Colored Glasses. Her style, beauty, and wit shine through in every role. At the International...
  • Truth or Dare (2013) REVIEW

    by - Feb 18, 2017
    What happens when real fans of horror and gore make a movie? You get over the top, extreme film making that pushes your mind into places it was better off staying out of. You also get...
  • Behind the Curtain with Nicole Chauvet

    by - Jan 31, 2017
    The exotic Nicole Chauvet has been in film and television for about a decade. She has held television roles on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, The Mentalist, and Best in Chow. Her film roles include Ocean’s Thirteen,...
  • Behind the Curtain with Jessica Sonneborn

    by - Jan 22, 2017
    If you do not know who Jessica Sonneborn is, you have missed some incredible performances. She is one of those performers that once you see them on screen, you want to see more. From her start...
  • MIND FIELD explodes your Mind on YouTube Red

    by - Jan 18, 2017
    Today the mind-bending series, MIND FIELD, begins its first episode on YouTube Red. YouTube star Michael Stevens (aka Vsauce) brings his passion for science to his most ambitious subject yet — human behavior. MIND FIELD explores...
  • Behind the Curtain with Eileen Dietz

    by - Jan 14, 2017
    Eileen Dietz is a household name among horror fans. She has been involved in nearly 100 films. I first saw her on Planet of the Apes and soon after that the Exorcist (though at the time...
  • Behind the Curtain with Hiram Ortiz

    by - Jan 10, 2017
    Newcomer to the acting world, Hiram Ortiz, has done quite well for his first showing. He plays the father in Where Demons Dwell and a very convincing father he portrays. Until the time of this interview,...
  • REVIEW: Where Demons Dwell

    by - Jan 10, 2017
    Ryan Callaway is an extraordinary director. I have watched thousands of independent films in my day, and most require some degree of disbelief and if you are lucky the special effects are at least entertaining, if...
  • Behind the Curtain with Mary Peyton Stewart

    by - Jan 3, 2017
    Mary Peyton Stewart got on my radar when I saw the trailer for the remake of the Magnificent Seven. She plays a saloon lass/prostitute in the film and the fact that we see her so prominently...

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