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21 February 2018

Carsten Boserup on Interstellar Marines

Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking with Carsten Boserup of Zero Point Software. We spoke about Zero Point’s Interstellar Marines. I have heard a buzz about this game since 2009 but never ran into it until someone shared a video with me last week. I got in touch with Zero Point Software and they were kind enough to give me some of their time. For those of you who don’t know about Interstellar Marines, this interview will be a real treat. Now onto the interview. . .

Please give me a quick overview of the game?

Interstellar Marines is currently available in Multiplayer. We are however working on implementing the first part of the Coop which we are planning to release on late July/ early August. The current multiplayer offers 5vs5 – 8vs8 matches with our newest tactical game mode call Deadlock. Due to the early stage we only have 2 weapons available ( 1 SMG & Assault rifle) but are planning to add more that 27 additional weapons. We have 8 maps mixed small, medium and large sizes.

Who are the key developers and what prior projects have they worked on?

We don’t have specifically key developers, but have a great mix of experienced and talented developers. We have people who worked at IO( Hit man series), Sirius games, Massive & Full Control (Space Hulk)

So tell me more about this coop mode. How exactly will this work? Will we be stuck with two person coop or full team coop?

The Coop is still in development and haven’t been released yet. We are building a Coop version that is going to be very similar to our old tech demo called RunningMan. This means that for now you can run around a level and shoot combat robots. You will most likely have to do 4 man coop but we will do our best to get a single player version in as well.

In many games the AI is rather basic and fails to respond in a logical manner. How intelligent is the AI?

At the moment our AI is very basic. However the AI is a massive priority for Interstellar Marines and it’s something that we will invest heavily in (A.I)

Tell me about the weapons and gear?

At the moment we only have 2 weapons available. But we have at least 25 more in the pipeline with several attachments and upgrades for each one of them Then we have different kinds of suits/armors, grenades, ammunition types and tools, like hacking devices, turrets and other cool stuff.

If you could pick one aspect of this game that tops any other games out there, what would it be and why?

What’s present right now in the game, then I would say the dynamically changing environments. For the near future it will be the immersion. You are going to feel and breathe the Marine you are playing as.. You are the Marine. This means that the visual and sound is very important.

Anything I failed to ask that you want to tell me about?

We have have an awesome and supporting Community you know :-). Truly amazing Community that are always helping new players and potential players in telling about the game as it is now and what is coming.

From the videos I have looked at on Youtube and the brief conversation, I am sold on my desire to play this game. So now you may be asking where you can get the game. It is currently up on Steam as an early access game. Join in the fun and help the developers fine tune this awesome project into THE Game everyone wants to play. What are you waiting for.

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