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14 December 2017

Carbohydrates as fuel for exercise

Guidelines for daily CHO intake


 Type of Athlete Training Frequency (days/week) Training Intensity Training Duration (hours/day) Daily CHO intake Range (g/kg)
Recreational 3-4 Light-Moderate <1.0 3-5
Competitive 5-6 Moderate 1.0-2.0 6-8
Competitive 6-7 Moderate to High 2.0-4.0 8-10
Ultra-Endurance 6-7 Moderate to High >4.0 10-12


How many grams of carbs you can afford will be determined by:

 levels of muscle mass,

 volume and intensity of training,

 percentage of body insulin sensitivity

 Level of exercise training

 Initial muscle glycogen levels

 Age

When muscles are trained the mitochondria is increased within the cell. Untrained muscles produce more waste and trained muscles utilize more oxygen – leads to:

  • Increased energy utilization
  • Decreases reliance on blood glucose
  • Sparing of muscle glycogen
  • Increased endurance and increases resistance to fatigue

 Glycaemic Index measures the effect carbohydrate foods have on blood glucose levels

Danny Dickerson; CNC, CPT, CCC, DNHE
Lifestyle Nutrition/Wellness Coach
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