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23 February 2018

Caravan brings new horizons to Horror

Many great movie ideas are lost to the trash bin as funding kills them. I came across one such idea recently coming out of Australia. I am hoping that a little exposure for this idea will see it come to life and bring us a short that will be extraordinary. Imagine a cautionary tale set in the quaint era of 1990. In this tail we follow a family as they embark on a road trip and encounter a malevolent visitor that creates all sorts of trouble. If you can imagine this tale and foresee how it might unfold, then you can see the potential of a great horror movie. I spoke with producer Sarah Brims about her project.

Sarah, what exactly is Caravan?

Caravan is a short horror film currently in pre-production in Perth, Western Australia. It follows a young family on a road-trip. As night falls they pull in for a routine rest-stop where their caravan is invaded by a malevolent intruder.
How was the concept developed?
Nathan Lacey, the Director originally came up with the idea of someone invading a family’s caravan. From here I began to flesh out a story around a young family on a road-trip, who pull into a petrol station when someone invades the caravan. I wanted to inject the story with tension from the beginning, deciding to revolve the story around the anxieties of parenthood and having the intruder a physicalization of that. Caravan can be best described as Inside meets the urban legend behind When a Stranger Calls.
Can you tell us about your production team?
As we’re making a low-budget film we’re keeping our team as small and efficient as possible and are still in the process of attaching our final crew. As it stands our Director/ Editor is Nathan Lacey, Producer/ Writer is myself, our Cinematographer is Dion Borrett, Make-up and Special Effects is Ayla Simpson, our Production Designer is Jenna Dimitrijevic and our Sound Recordist is Gavin Repton. We also have our incredible Executive Producer, John McPherson who is also acting the role of the Petrol Station Attendant, Pete in the film. 
Our crew have worked on numerous productions from experience on big budget feature films to reality TV to short films. Every crew member brings a unique skill-set to the production. Another positive is that everyone on the crew have worked with each other at some time or another, so everyone’s very passionate about the project and eager to start shooting!
How about your experience as a producer/writer?
I’ve worked in numerous production-based roles over many different platforms for the last few years; one of the highlights was working in the production office on Perth’s thriller feature “The Reckoning” which stars Jonathon LaPaglia and Luke Hemsworth. However this will be my first short film I’ve produced so I’m very excited!
I’ve been writing ever since I can remember, one of my earliest memories is at Tennis lessons and while everyone was playing on the court I was sitting in the corner with my book writing short stories about haunted houses. This will also be the first time any of my writing has been produced for screen. I’ve always been anxious about sharing my writing however I’m confident in this script and that it will make a great film and a scary one too!
3What can you tell us about the experience of Director Nathan Lacey?
Nathan’s career has gone from strength to strength ever since his arrival in Perth three years ago. From here he has gone on to work on a multitude of productions both in Perth and abroad, co-directing a commercial for the Thailand Board of Tourism as well as working on the Reality TV Series Big Brother as Assistant Editor. In 2014 Nathan received funding from the Film and Television Institute for his film Pale Date which subsequently aired on ABC2.
Nathan’s directing work has screened at numerous film festivals including The Columbia Gorge Film Festival, High Desert International Film Festival as well as TV channels ABC2, Channel 9 and Discovery Channel Canada.
His love of horror is what finally persuaded him to delve into the genre and he can’t wait to make this film!
Why have you chosen crowd funding to get this project going?
I’ve chosen crowd-funding firstly as not only is it a great way to receive funding for your project, but also to help gain publicity for our film. We’ve noticed that festivals like South by Southwest look at entrant’s Twitter followers and that kind of thing, so we thought this would also help build our social media and hype around Caravan.
Also, funding is very competitive. I was originally considering a Government grant however Nathan Lacey was my first choice as a Director and unfortunately we weren’t eligible as Nathan had previously received that level of funding. I wanted to keep Nathan on-board as the Director and I didn’t want to wait around ‘till the next initiative so I decided to just go ahead and get the ball rolling with signing up for Pozible. 
Do you have any cool rewards for people who support this project?
Yeah! We’ve got lots of cool rewards on offer! We have personalised, hand-written post-cards on behalf of the Director featuring stills from Caravan, digital downloads of the completed film, filmmaker rewards such as the shooting script, schedule & press kit, more exclusive rewards like invites to the premiere screening and of course our Executive and Associate Producer packages for investors and burgeoning filmmakers who want to add a great credit to their name and have fun doing so!
Any final words?
Please help us make this film a reality. Whether it’s through pledging to our campaign and picking yourself up a great reward or becoming involved with our social media. We’re happy to answer any questions people may have about the production and really just want to connect with people who are like-minded in their passion for horror films!
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