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22 February 2018

Can a 2D Shooter be Scary?


A Lovecraftian inspired 2D horror game may be just the ticket if they can pull off the horror. This intriguing kickstarter has potential but we will never get to see if they can pull it off unless the kickstarter succeeds. The modest goal of $22,000 will accelerate completion of this twin-stick shooter toward release on Windows, OSX, and Linux.


Do whatever you must to protect your survivor’s only life as you traverse the desolate landscape, observing the game world through a high contrast thermal imaging satellite. The haunting, atmospheric score and accompanying sounds by Wordclock (Pedro Pimentel) complete the immersion into the post-apocalyptic world.

Noct was introduced on Steam Greenlight on August 11th, and has already reached half of its goal. Pledges for the Kickstarter campaign begin at $5 for the standalone soundtrack, with multiple reward increments available up to $1500.

Noct is a 2D top-down multiplayer survival horror game that blends arcade combat with RPG survival elements. You are a survivor of the apocalyptic purge that formed the desolate wasteland now known as Noct.

The game world is viewed through a thermal imaging satellite observing the aftermath of an apocalypse. Accompanied by an eerie and engaging musical score, your journey through the desolate world is filled with terrifying roaming monsters, intense combat, and perilous situations.

  • Survive Noct by maintaining your three key vital systems while you explore. Find unique weapons and items to increase your chances of survival against the elements and unknown horrors awaiting you.
  • Find other survivors in multiplayer procedurally generated worlds, or journey solo and on your own terms.
  • Explore vast wastelands of relentless carnage, destroyed and ruined cities, and treacherous, claustrophobic environments, all rendered in a unique art style utilizing a high contrast thermal camera viewpoint of the world.

Destroy and annihilate your way through multitudes of unique and highly dangerous monsters found inhabiting the landscape, each with their own frightening presence and set of terrifying abilities.

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