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22 February 2018

Call Girl of Cthulhu

Earlier this evening I went to the WTMD  screening of Chris LaMartina’s Call Girl of Cthulhu. I was very excited to see the film as it was one I backed in the Kickstarter of the same name last year. The little theater was completely sold out and the fans were eating popcorn and drinking beer. We got there earlier and were able to grab pretty good seats and we waiting while observing the crowd and recognizing random faces. Chris LaMartina and Jimmy George were in good form offering friendly welcomes to all who arrived and comedic anecdotes to any who were willing to listen.


The lights went out and the movie soon started. Early into the picture I was in full nerd mode. I recognized over 60 Lovecraftian references in the first half of the film but  soon the story was more important than rubbing us to nerdgasm. The movie is definitely going to be a cult classic in the realm of greats like the Evil Dead trilogy and the various Phantasm movies but with the style of humor we saw in The Toxic Avenger and CHUD. I was impressed that the special effects were as good as they were considering the low budget the film had to work with. I believe they raised $27,000 with the kickstarter and that amount does not go far when producing a film with lots of special effects. I would love to see what Chris and Jimmy George could pull off if they had a twenty million dollar budget.


The movie is a splatterfest full of sexual situations, orgasmic references, and the T&A that you have come to expect of films of this nature. The humor in the film is sometimes crass, sometimes witty, but always just enough to make even the die hard hater laugh. I give the writers credit for making a movie where the actors were obviously having a great time. I would love to see the blooper reel on this one as I had trouble not laughing out loud during the screening.

Following the film LaMartina and Jimmy George took the stage and answered many questions about the film ending a great evening out. They even gave out posters to some of the fans. I am very thankful to WTMD for hosting the film and to LaMartina for allowing us the chance to check out this awesome screening.

Call Girl of Cthulhu is not for those who do not enjoy blood, sex, nudity, and violence. The movie is very adult and I don’t advise watching it with your children unless of course you have raised horror junkies and Cthulhu aficionados. The film will not go to stores until spring of next year but when it does it shall enjoy an honored place on my DVD shelves.


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