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21 February 2018

Brittany Crites at Gen Con 2015

Gen Con this year was an awesome explosion of color and activity. I witnessed more Cosplay than ever before and though the convention is touted as a gaming convention, it is obvious that the convention is undergoing a transformation. The con still refers to the cosplay contest as a “Costume Contest” and many gamers expressed being upset by the cosplayers setting up photo shoots in the isles, but even with the contention, Cosplay was very well received. I spent much of the convention talking to cosplayers and even tried my hand at it dressing up as The Greatest American Hero. I gotta admit that I had fun and those in attendance seemed to be having fun too.


I was fortunate enough to catch up with Brittany Crites. An amateur cosplayer that showed true potential. I truly am looking forward to seeing what she will give us in the future. Here is what she had to say:

Why did you go to Gen Con?

Michael and I live in Indianapolis and attend GenCon every year. We are big gamers and met through a gaming club at IUPUI. Last year was our first GenCon together and this one was even better! We love the atmosphere and seeing new games and getting to win stuff.

What got you into Cosplay?

That would be me. I wanted to dress up as Ariel from the little mermaid and wanted Michael to be Eric. We decided to steampunk it because we both love that style and thought it would be fun an unique!

Are you a professional Cosplayer?

We are not we plan on doing our first contests next year at Indy Popcon and Indy Comic con

What was your Cosplay at Gen Con 2015?

I was Steampunk Ariel Michael was Steampunk Eric

received_10153160592932675Were you well received by the staff and fans?

Everyone loved us! We were hoping to get stopped for a few pictures here and there but we got much more than that! We couldn’t walk anywhere without getting stopped. It was pretty amazing!

Did you experience or witness any harassment?

Not until the very end of the day Saturday, I had someone just run right into my trident and break the top. He watched it break and then walked away. I was to shocked to go after him but I am honestly not sure if it was an accident or not. Until then everyone was wonderful towards us. Moved out of our way so they wouldn’t hurt our cosplays gave us compliments in passing it was great!

What improvements do you think Gen Con could make for future events?

If they expand to Lucas Oil and put the exhibitors hall there I think that would solve almost all of the problems. They should expand their cosplay contest and call it cosplay instead of costume. The parade is great! I think at the end they should have a photo op on stage before the contest so you get to see more cosplayers.

FB_IMG_1438690071569How would you rate your overall Gen Con experience?

Definitely a 10 without a doubt. We had an event everyday, made the local news, had our first cosplay, had our first true dungeon run, and just had a great time with friends!

What other conventions do you regularly attend?

Indy Popcon, Indy ComicCon, and Whosyercon

FB_IMG_1438504798178If someone want to learn more about you and your cosplay where would they go?

We have a Facebook page  
And an instagram
They are both new and a work in progress since we made them after GenCon.

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