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22 February 2018

Brian Josephson fascinates me

Years ago I got turned onto Brian Josephson’s work and have followed him ever since. He is a Nobel winning physicist who seems to be shunned by the general scientific community because of his constant questioning of traditional view points. He often says, “Take nobody’s word for it (nullius in verba)” and he always questions the established mindset. If proof cannot be given for a specific theory he meticulously tears the theory apart and shows where it breaks down. Following the many links on his homepage, will leave you feeling enlightened and baffled at the same time. Some of his work is way beyond my understanding but it never stops me from going back to read more. If you are a science geek, you will find Josephson’s work to be a delight.

Now onto the video, in Josephson’s own words, “This video was prepared for the conference celebrating the 75th. birthday of Prof. George Sudarshan at the University of Texas in November 2006, and is based on the 2006 Pollock Memorial Lecture of the Royal Society of New South Wales, given by Brian Josephson of the University of Cambridge, at Sydney University on March 17, 2006. Captions are available using the CC button, and the slides themselves can be seen in full detail at…”

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