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22 February 2018

Blood of Fallen Crowns: Blade of Vengeance

Blood of Fallen Crowns: Blade of Vengeance is a debut novel by Zhu Hsia and Jasmine Bowen . I personally had never heard of Zhu Hsia but now that I have I shall remember this name. Jasmine Bowen on the other hand is a well known name to me. She is an actress and novelist. I had read some of her romance a while back and had mixed feeling with the book.

The authors gives us a story that is somewhere between sci-fi, fantasy, and historical fiction. I was unsure of what genre to place it in and best of all it does not matter. The story is solid, the conceptualization of this world is awe inspiring, and the characters are complete and are written in a style that evokes great emotions and passion. I could feel my heart race at times during the story as I got caught up in the moment and felt like I was actually in the world I was reading about.

The story centers on the Captain of the Guard in the City of of Dundeen. He is young, passionate, and ultimately a war monger. He desires war above all us but his people have not been in a war for well over a thousand years. Think about that for a moment. 1000 years without war. That alone is a true fantasy for this world we live in and it was the only point in the story that bugged me. I always find it difficult to accept things in a story that I cannot equate to something in my life or the history of the world I live in. This little problem was a minor road bump when the rest of the story unfolds. Jater is a great character that we can all learn from. He seems to remain in a state of joy no matter how bad things get. He finds humor in nearly everything and I couldn’t help but root for him through each of his trials and tribulations.

The story is an exotic blend of wonderment. The characters are so well made that you will instantly feel a connection with them. In the pages of this book you will discover passion, war, intrigue, and everything that you have come to expect of a great novel. As the story unfolds you will not be able to put down the book. If you are like me you will stay up all night long and finish the book in a single night and then go off to work wondering why it had to end. The book sets up the possibility of a great sequel and I truly hope to see many more books by this pair of authors.

If I had any real complaints about the book it would be the editing. Many many many mistakes and they did take something away from the whole. Furthermore it seemed like some of the scenes were left hanging. In a couple of scenes I felt like I had missed something and am not sure what that was. Even with these complaints the story was solid. I really could see this one going onto become a great series.

From Goodreads:  Zhu Hsia was born in China, Shanghai. After staying there for more than a decade, she decided to move to Hong Kong. Ms Zhu likes to spend her time sending her kids to school and thinking of creating simple stories to hoax her kids to sleep.

One day, her husband asked her since she has some creative juice. Why not create Asian culture stories for more people to enjoy and get entertain? She heeded his advice and started spin paranormal romance & fantasy stories.

Jasmine Bowen is an accomplished actress living in the heart of Hollywood North. She has performed across the nation on stage, and internationally on television and film, working with Donald Trump, Joe Estevez, U2 and the Black Eyed Peas. She currently hosts ‘The Cache Metals Market Overview’ on AM640, a national station by Corus Entertainment. She has always been inspired in creating characters for audiences on paper, stage and film.

Jasmine has published many short stories, and eBooks over the past few years, both online and in hard copy. She currently has a feature length novel on shelves: ‘The Children Will Inherit The Earth’, and book two of the series is due out in mid-2013.

I am interested in what Other Books Zhu Hsia has written and shall be investing in a few more novels.

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