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22 February 2018

Bianca Beauchamp brings Comicbooks to life

bianca-beauchamp-cosplay01When you think of Latex only one name comes to mind, the Queen of Latex, Bianca Beauchamp. As covergirl for Bizarre Magazine, Beauchamp holds the record for taking the lead spot with eleven covers. Recognizing her as a sex idol is one thing but discovering her NerdCred, we find that Bianca love’s Cosplay. Everything from cartoons to comicbooks to video games, Bianca is ready explore new characters and concepts on a regular basis. She has been in the hearts of minds of fans for more than a decade and her appearances at conventions like San Diego ComicCon are always met with huge approval. She has portrayed Lara Croft, Jessica Rabbit, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn just to name a few and each of those iconic characters come to life the moment she steps into the room. I wanted to know what it was that inspired such a renowned model to explore Cosplay. Her answers were fun, intriguing, and offered a better understanding of just who is Bianca Beauchamp.

What was it that pushed you towards Cosplay and how has that transition affected you as a model?

Every time I have decided to do a cosplay photo shoot is because I would find a character that not only appealed to me by its look but also with its persona. I am the type of person that don’t necessarily need to exactly and perfectly replicate the outfit that the character is wearing. So in that sense, I am not a purist cosplayer. What I like is more the mental aspect of the character. Before a cosplay photo shoot, I do a lot of research on the web to get as much information as I possibly can on the character. What is its background? Why did she turn out to be a hero or a villain? What is her mojo and mission in life? etc. And then only can I see the character rising up in my heart. Getting to know the character helps me to then make her live on photos. And my style of modeling will change depending on the character I cosplay. For an example, with Harley Quinn, I modeled smirking a lot on photos with a bianca-beauchamp-cosplay13twist of craziness painted on my face. It had a “I don’t care and let’s have some deadly fun together” attitude to it and I think this is why that cosplay photo shoot was a huge success amongst my fans even if the outfit was not exactly per say what miss Harley Quinn wears in the comic or in the Arkham Asylum video game.

Same thing happened for Poison Ivy (what can I say, I love villains from the Batman world). I asked a Vex Clothing latex designer to make me an outstandingly sexy rubber green corset decorated  with multiple ivy leaves. It’s not exactly what the character wore but everyone knew I was cosplaying her. And with a sexy but dangerous attitude defying the camera lense and tempting my fans with my lips a tribute to Ivy’s poisonous lips, I sure not only made this cosplay believable but also my own.

That being said, yes I do love cosplaying for photos, but I cannot say I have become a cosplay model. I am and will always be first a latex fetishist  that has fun with her passion that is latex modeling. Therefore, the world is my sand box playground. Possibilities are infinite and when I come across an interesting character, I just say to myself: “why not, let’s do it!” 


Out of the many costumes you have donned, what character was your favorite and why?

bianca-beauchamp-cosplay02Perhaps it’s because I have just recently done it, but my cosplay of Vampirella is truly one of my most favorite cosplay photo shoot I have ever done.  First of all, I knew nothing about her but after a fan emailed me an image of her, I got curious and started researching on her. The more I found about  her story and seeing images of her, the more I got infatuated with her. So I asked Polymorphe latex designer to make me a latex version of her revealing sling, an exact replica this time of her suit she wears. Second, I found an abandoned cemetery close to Montreal where to shoot it and third, I asked my brother in spririt The Richard to play the evil count Dracula which he did brilliantly. I think having her “nemesis” playing a part in this fantasy truly complemented well my vision I had for this photo shoot. And the cherry of the cake goes to Martin Perreault who not only shot the photos, but also processed the shots to make the 2pm sun look like actually a midnight moon. I could not believe it! The so illuminated sky got dark and almost creepy thanks to his post-process skills. This is a cosplay truly deep to my heart.

bianca-beauchamp-cosplay03I also enjoyed portraying the sexy kick-ass archeologist Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider game in 2010 and more recently in March 2014, both time in New Zealand where I did find spectacular waterfalls, hidden paths in woods and rock mountains, all perfect sceneries to cosplay her and “bring her to life. The outfit was again made Polymorphe and consists of a green latex t-shirt, smokey black shorts and of course rubber holster. If I remember correctly, over there in March, I did 3 or 4 Lara Croft cosplay photo shoots  and the one that I love the most is when I chose to do it naked, only geared up with her holster, boots and backpack while surrounded by mountains in a wild valley.  It felt like those cheats you could use in the first game in 1996 and the game with a naked Lara Croft. This is actually how I got this idea to do a nude Lara Croft cosplay photo shoot.  And to top this experience, I also did my second bungee jump (134m high) dressed up as her (not naked this time!!). I guess I needed to “be her” that day to be able to jump off the cliff.  A true unique experience I’m gonna cherish for the rest of my life

Do you have any exciting new characters planned for 2015?

Actually right now,  because of my fans suggesting her a lot to me,  I am considering to do Black Widow in a near future although I need to do more research on her to fall in love with her and therefore for me to want to cosplay her. But to be honest with you, I get my biggest kicks out of cosplaying villains more than heroes. I just find them so twisted and interesting. Perhaps there is an amazing villain out there waiting for me to cosplay. Any suggestions? 😀


bianca-beauchamp-cosplay05 bianca-beauchamp-cosplay15bianca-beauchamp-cosplay11

Suggestions can be a dangerous thing but if I had to offer a few I might suggest She Hulk, Mystique, or maybe even Lady Death. Bianca Beauchamp as Lady Death seems the perfect fit as she possesses the body of the character almost perfectly. I shall look forward to her Black Widow and nearly anything other character Bianca will choose to portray. There are few women in the world that possess beauty, brains, charm, and creativity. Bianca Beauchamp will continue knocking us dead with all of these traits and more. As one of my friends once told me, “Bianca is what you would get if comic book characters were real people.” Well she certainly is real and she is bringing our comic fantasies to life.




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