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11 December 2017

Benefits of Exercise

Benefits of Exercise

There are many benefits of exercise that improve one overall health status. Some are as easy as improving our cardiovascular health. Making the heart stronger which will increases blood circulation. Weight management by increasing the calories we metabolize through additional activities.  Exercise can offset osteoporosis by making our bones stronger from the stress of the exercises such as biking, running and even just walking more. Also increasing the output of HDL and lowering LDL in the cholesterol levels lowering blood pressure. By increasing activity we are actually creating the fountain of youth in our bodies which help us sleep better and create chemicals that help reduce aging along with better brain cognitive functions.

By setting a goal you get a feeling of accomplishment when reaching that goal and blasting on to the next. There is a social aspect as well when you go to place to exercise as well as walking around you meet and interact with others. While you exercise you are releasing chemicals to promote the feel good Neurotransmitters to relieve stress and depression. Overall you physically and mentally feel more whole and well which creates a center in you spiritually for a well-rounded healthier you.

Giving the fact you are also eating healthy too!!!

100 Ways Exercise Will Enrich the Quality of Your Life • By Susan Smith Jones, Ph.D.

  1. Increases your self confidence and self esteem
  2. Improves your digestion
  3. Helps you to sleep better
  4. Gives you more energy
  5. Adds a sparkle and radiance to your complexion
  6. Enhances your immune system
  7. Improves your body shape
  8. Burns up extra calories
  9. Tones and firms up your muscles
  10. Provides more muscular definition
  11. Improved circulation and helps to reduce blood pressure
  12. Lifts your spirits
  13. Reduces tension and quells stress
  14. Enables you to lose weight and keep it off
  15. Makes you limber
  16. Builds strength
  17. Improves endurance
  18. Increases the lean muscle tissue in your body
  19. Improves your appetite for healthy foods
  20. Alleviates menstrual cramps
  21. Alters and improves muscle chemistry
  22. Increases metabolic rate
  23. Enhances coordination and balance
  24. Improves your posture
  25. Eases and can possibly eliminate back problems and pain
  26. Alters how your body uses calories, now more efficiently
  27. Lowers your resting heart rate
  28. Increases muscle size through an increase in muscle fibers
  29. Improves the storage of glycogen
  30. Enables your body to utilize nutrients more efficiently
  31. Increases the enzyme in the body which burn fat
  32. Increases the number and size of mitochondria in each muscle cell
  33. Strengthens your bones
  34. Increases the concentration of myoglobin which carries oxygen in muscles in skeletal muscles
  35. Enhances oxygen transport throughout the body
  36. Improves liver functioning
  37. Increases speed of muscle contraction and therefore reaction time
  38. Enhances feedback through the nervous system
  39. Strengthens the hears
  40. Improves blood flow through the body
  41. Helps to alleviate varicose veins
  42. Increases maximum cardiac output due to an increase in stroke volume
  43. Increases contractility of heart’s ventricles
  44. Increases the weight of the heart
  45. Increases heart size
  46. Improves contractile function of the whole heart
  47. Makes calcium transport in the heart and the entire body more efficient
  48. Deters heart disease
  49. Increases the level of HDL
  50. Decreases the level of LDL
  51. Decreases cholesterol
  52. Decreases triglycerides
  53. Increases total hemoglobin which carries the red blood cells
  54. Increases alkaline reserve which is a buffering capacity of the blood
  55. Improves the body’s ability to remove lactic acid
  56. Improves the body’s ability to decrease heart rate after exercise
  57. Increases the number of open capillaries during exercise as opposed to rest
  58. Enhances the functioning of the cardiovascular system
  59. Enhances the functioning of the cardiorespiratory system
  60. Improves breathing efficiency
  61. Increases inspiratory capacity
  62. Improves oxygen consumption
  63. Improves bone metabolism
  64. Decreases the chance of osteoporosis development
  65. Improves the development and strength of connective tissue and ligaments
  66. Is inversely related to death from cancer
  67. Improves resistance to infectious disease
  68. Reduces anxiety and tension
  69. Enables you to relax more quickly and completely
  70. Alleviates depression
  71. Improves emotional stability
  72. Enhances clarity of the mind
  73. Makes you feel good
  74. Increases efficiency of your sweat glads
  75. Improves your body composition, more muscles, less fat
  76. Improves your agility, helps to prevents strains and sprains
  77. You can get an endorphin buzz!!!!!!!!
  78. Alleviates constipation and hemorrhoids
  79. Enables you to meet new friends and develop fulfilling relationships
  80. Gives you a greater appreciation for life as a result of feeling better about yourself
  81. You are better able to enjoy all types of physical activities
  82. Your clothes will look better on you
  83. Improves athletic performance
  84. Enriches sexuality
  85. May add a few years to your life!
  86. Reduces joint discomfort
  87. Increases your range of motion
  88. Gives you a feeling of control over your life
  89. Stimulates and improves concentration
  90. Brings color to your cheeks
  91. Decreases your appetite for an hour or two after workouts
  92. Gets your mind off of irritations
  93. Great way to enjoy nature and the outdoors
  94. Reduces or precludes boredom
  95. Increases your ability to solve problems that may have caused you great stress
  96. Gives you a clearer perspective on ideas, issues, problems, challenges
  97. Provides an opportunity to learn a new sport, join a new team
  98. Improves the way you walk (gait)
  99. Provides the opportunity to do and learn something new
  100. Affords you the opportunity to experience your fullest life potential!
Danny Dickerson
Lifestyle Nutrition/Wellness Coach
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