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22 February 2018

Behind the Curtain with Sophia Rose

The talented Sophia Rose has been in some amazing films including; Secret Satan#whoisBeverly, and the soon to be released Through Rosie Colored Glasses. Her style, beauty, and wit shine through in every role. At the International Haunted Horror Film Festival she won Best Actress for her role in #whoisBeverly. Not just content to be the beauty on the screen, Sophia is also a writer of immense skill.

Lets look at some of her accomplishments:

  • “Best Actress” in the Los Angeles Horror Festival
  • “Best Badass” in the Independent Horror Festival
  • “Scream Queen Vixen” in the D4H Film Festival



  • “Born to Kill” in feature film, Speak Now
  • “Mr. Know it All” in feature film, Good Neighbor
  • “Swagga” in series, MS. Conception
  • “Faded Love” in short film, Mr. & Mrs. Retribution
  • Creator of theme song for series, MS. Conception
Sophia writes, “My life has always been musically abundant. I grew up backstage to iconic musicians such as John Denver, Burl Ives, and the Steely Dan Band, thus exposing me to the power of music at a very young age. With over 100 original songs in my database, I continue to write a song every day.
I had been chomping at the bit to know more about Sophia since seeing Secret Satan and recently I got the chance to ask her a few questions. I was amazed at her energy and enthusiasm.



Sophia says that you can learn more about her at the following links:
My production company:
My new show:  (this is my new sketch comedy show, only available on facebook)
MY Instagram: @SophiaRoseCreation


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