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22 February 2018

Behind the Curtain with Ryan Callaway

The director of The Girl in the Cornfield and the upcoming, Where Demons Dwell, speaks with Nerd Rage News about life the universe and everything. Ryan Callaway has directed a number of great films but it is his Girl in the Cornfield franchise that originally brought Ryan into our circle of interest. The film was scary, fun, and most of all memorable. Once scene from the film still plays out in my mind again and again. This says much about Ryan’s directorial skills and his creative efforts. His latest film, Where Demons Dwell, continues the story of the Girl in the Cornfield but more importantly, expands Ryan’s horizon as a director. It is only a great director that can make a sequel that is better than the original and I believe Ryan is one of those rare, great directors. Where Demons Dwell is set for release on January 7, 2017.

Madeline Lupi, Ryan, and Tiffany Browne-Tavarez

Rumor has it that Ryan is working on The Avenger of Blood: Redemption set for release in August 2017. I love the name but honestly have no idea what it is about. I have put this one on my list of films to wait for.

Over the holidays I got the chance to chat with Ryan:



Learn More about Ryan and Where demons dwell at:




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