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22 February 2018

Behind the Curtain with Jessica Sonneborn

If you do not know who Jessica Sonneborn is, you have missed some incredible performances. She is one of those performers that once you see them on screen, you want to see more. From her start in 2004, she has continued to impress with her performances of strong women. She brings a realism to her acting that can only be found in those who are truly passionate about their craft. her performances are so well done that you can suspend reality and immerse yourself into the scene. You might have seen her magnificent performance in The Witches of Oz or perhaps as Samantha on Love Squared but it is in the role of Katrina in Red Sleep that she stood out to me as someone worth watching.


In 2014 she broke away from the acting to try her hand at directing and she gave us the disturbing Haunting of Alice D. An interesting ghost story in which we see a woman who was brutishly used in a brothel coming back to seek revenge on the descendant of the man who tormented her. The film has some problems but for a first time director she proves that she has the stuff to make it in the big league and conceptually the film is fraking awesome.



She has received many accolades from around the film community including:

 “Jessica Sonneborn obviously submerged herself into the role and mind of Amy and its evident when you watch her stellar performance in the movie.”

~ Keith Makenas, B Movie Nation

“The performance that really shines in this House is Sonneborn’s, who walks the tightrope of playing on the audience’s sympathies, while possibly not being quite being as meek and fragile as she first appears.”

~Bryan Stumpf, The Slaughtered Bird

“She has to unleash her inner warrior and Sonneborn does well playing a strong woman – I really wouldn’t suggest anyone piss her off.” 

~850 Music & Entertainment


Jessica has a degrees in Anthropology and  Education. She proves time and time again that she is intelligent and motivated and gives 100% to whatever she sets her mind to. In her recent film, Dog Eat Dog, she goes up against Nicolas Cage in a humorous yet stressful scene. I caught up with Jessica when she had a brief moment in her busy schedule.



Learn more about Jessica via her website and  social media feeds

Twitter and instagram: @jesssonneborn


Go watch a few of her movies on Amazon:




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