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22 February 2018

Behind the Curtain with Hiram Ortiz

Newcomer to the acting world, Hiram Ortiz, has done quite well for his first showing. He plays the father in Where Demons Dwell and a very convincing father he portrays. Until the time of this interview, I had assumed him a seasoned actor. His skill on the big screen comes across as relaxed and he seems quite comfortable in front of a camera. Where Demons Dwell premiered this past Saturday where snow might have affected its showing but by all accounts, did not. The room was packed and the film was quite well received. For the rest of the world we will have to wait for the film to make it to a film festival near us.

I saw the film and gotta admit that I liked it. The suspense in certain scenes was intense and the acting was far above what you might expect to find in a low budget independent film. Hiram Ortiz played well off of his on screen daughters. They truly appeared to be a family and you could see that they truly connected in the film.

Hiram is a student at The Barrow Group Theatre Company and School in New York City. He graduated from Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ with a BA in Communication. Hiram teaches Spanish for a living and at 40 he has decided to be an actor. Where Demons Dwell is his first feature film. As you can see from his interview, he is a pretty cool dude. He also is our first interview in a non standard setting, having chose a very public place. I gotta admit, I like his style.




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