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21 February 2018

Bane shows us a true Weapon of Mass Destruction

Weapons of Mass Destruction is a term used far too often by politicians but when applied towards a wormhole generator, the possibilities become quite endless. Bane by Steven Atwood gives us a look into a futuristic sc-fi universe where war is very different from what we know it as today. I suppose when war is pushed to the point of wiping out planets it truly becomes something that is far too immense to imagine. Atwood does a good job of presenting his story and keeping your attention. The story captures you early on with great characters that do not fit into the usual mold we have come to expect from sci-fi books. Then the plot begins to develop and you are hooked. If there was any flaw to the story it would be its length. I wanted more.

I felt the story was encapsulated quite nicely and when you get to the end you cannot help but smile or maybe even shout with joy. I rarely have read stories that made me truly feel good when the plot came to its conclusion. I do however feel that this story could be a great launching point into a much more complex series of adventure.The character Rick Lewis is a fun character with elements of Han Solo. He is a pirate or privateer depending on how PC you want to be. On top of that he is believable and the kind of character that you want to see developed further. Hell he could be the focus of an entire series. When the action finally begins it is intense but not too over the top. The story has some violence, some romance, and maybe even a few curves that were not telegraphed throughout. Ultimately Bane is a social commentary that is very relevant with the headlines we see in our news today. I truly enjoyed Bane and think that you may too. If I had not received this story as a gift, I might never have picked it up and that would have been a true shame because the story is up there with Robert Heinlein and Jerry Pournelle.


In the author’s own words: Bane was created by an Ecran scientist to travel to distant stars. But, the Ecran military quickly realized how a wormhole generator could be used as a weapon against their only enemy, Meran. After a successful test, a Marine detachment led by Bassar Raad is transferring the weapon of mass destruction to a secret lab. This was Meran’s only chance to seize this terrible weapon and save their planet.

Rick Marion Lewis was a privateer for the Meranian government with a special knack for stealing ships. His handler in the Meran Intelligence Directorate (MID) assigned Rick to steal Bane and return it to the MID. With Tessa Staffa at his side, Rick chases down Bane to save his planet from certain destruction.

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