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28 June 2017

Steve Wollett

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  • Jim Pinto and Toolcards2

    by - Jun 19, 2014
      Toolcards keep the action moving with instant answers to the most basic questions that you didn’t expect the players to ask. The uses for these decks are immeasurable. Prepping adventures, encounters, even entire campaigns. They...
  • Caffeine

    by - Jun 19, 2014
      Caffeine can be described as a quirky first person psychological horror game that includes puzzle based exploration game play. Set in the near future of 2097, Earth’s resources have run dry decades ago and big...
  • Rap Battle ~ Game of Thrones Style

    by - Jun 17, 2014
    The best Game of Thrones laugh I have had in ages.    ...Read More
  • How to Succeed at Kickstarter

    by - Jun 17, 2014
    Kickstarter is meant to be a way for you to get your Indy project off the ground and into people’s hands. A way to “Kickstart” your company and get the funding needed to make your dream...
  • Tony DiGerolamo on The Webcomic Factory, The Simpsons, and more

    by - Jun 17, 2014
    I recently had a chance to chat with Tony DiGerolamo from The Webcomic Factory. For those of you that don’t know the name, Tony DiGerolamo got his start way back in 96 with “Jersey Devil #1“,...
  • A few words with Pinup Artist Brian Gibbs

    by - Jun 17, 2014
    I recently had a chance to chat with a really cool pinup artist, Brian Gibbs. I discovered Brian while looking for images to use as characters in a game of Savage Worlds. Over the years I...
  • Cosplay isn’t just for the professionals

    by - Jun 17, 2014
      As a fan of Cosplay I scour the conventions looking for the best costumes and the people who exemplify their characters. I have discovered that often it is the person behind the mask that makes...
  • Survey Says ~ New Game Show gathers Geek data

    by - Jun 17, 2014
    Studio187 and Mythwits is running a fast and easy survey in order to accumulate date for a new game show.  Don’t you want to help our so that you can say you helped to develop a...
  • Jason Anarchy on Drinking Quest

    by - Jun 17, 2014
    At Gen Con this year I got the chance to hang with Jason Anarchy. Now what can I say about Jason? Well he is from Canada which is a huge strike against him but for a...
  • They Call Me Mad

    by - Jun 17, 2014
    When we think of the mad scientist we think of Frankenstein or Dr Jekyll. This is because of movie magic and the intoxicating belief that such mad men are mere fantasy. In They Call Me Mad,...

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