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23 October 2017

Sarah Schwartz

  • Typhoid toxin aids survival in mice

    by - Apr 7, 2016
    Bacterial protein prolonged life of infected host animals with no increase in cancer TOXIN TANKS  The bacterium Salmonella enterica Typhi causes typhoid fever in humans and produces a DNA-damaging protein called typhoid toxin. Typhoid toxin appears...
  • Ants’ antennae both send and receive chemical signals

    by - Apr 4, 2016
     Your daily roundup of research news Science News Staff Science Ticker 10:00am, April 4, 2016 Meat ants, Iridomyrmex purpureus, use their antennae to send and receive chemical signals.   Steve Shattuck/CSIRO (CC BY 3.0) Sponsor...
  • Ancient arachnid was a spider in all ways but one

    by - Mar 29, 2016
    SPIDERLIKE  The ancient arachnid Idmonarachne brasieri was a close cousin of spiders. Researchers used CT scans to create a 3-D visualization of the 305-million-year-old fossil.  R.J. Garwood et al/Proceedings of the Royal Society B 2016, Museum...
  • Cancer killers send signal of success

    by - Mar 28, 2016
    LIVE REPORT  New lab-made nanoparticles deliver cancer drugs into tumors, then report their effects in real time by lighting up in response to proteins produced by dying cells. More light (right, green) indicates a tumor is...
  • Eat your stinkbugs

    by - Mar 7, 2016
    YUM! BUGS!  Before Encosternum delegorguei stinkbugs are cooked, their defensive stench is washed away. The bugs can become contaminated, however, with a fungus toxin when kept in reusable grain bags (left); clean ziplock bags are better....
  • Psychologist probes possible link between prodigy, autism

    by - Feb 19, 2016
    EARLY GENIUS  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, depicted at age 6 in this 1763 portrait, is one of the best known child prodigies. A new book examines a possible link between prodigy and autism.  Mozarteum Univ. of Salzburg/Wikimedia...
  • New carbon cluster has high storage capacity

    by - Feb 18, 2016
    GAS GRAB  Carbon honeycomb is a three-dimensional cluster of carbon sheets. If researchers can succeed in creating a neat orderly honeycomb structure (illustrated above), the material might be able to store unusually high amounts of gas...
  • After 75 years, plutonium is still NASA’s fuel of choice

    by - Feb 18, 2016
    AGLOW  A pellet of plutonium-238 gives off a warm glow. The radioactive element is used to power spacecrafts on long-distance missions, and helps fuel nuclear generators in Europe. United States Department of Energy Plutonium’s 25th year —...
  • This roach-inspired robot can wiggle through tight spaces

    by - Feb 8, 2016
    SQUISH  A new, collapsible robot can squeeze into tight spaces like its living inspiration, the American cockroach, Periplaneta americana. Tom Libby, Kaushik Jayaram and Pauline Jennings; Courtesy of PolyPEDAL Lab UC Berkeley View the video A...
  • Pill measures gut gas

    by - Feb 5, 2016
    CAPPED  This 3.5-by-1.2-centimeter capsule can be swallowed to measure gut gases and send its findings to a smartphone. Researchers in Australia tested the device in pigs fed different amounts of fiber. K. Kalantar-zadeh et al/Gastroenterology 2016...

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  • FBI couldn't access nearly 7K devices because of encryption October 22, 2017
    FBI Director Christopher Wray says agents haven't been able to retrieve data from more than half of the mobile devices they've tried to access in a year
  • Astronomers measure Milky Way with radio waves October 22, 2017
    Radio telescopes that span thousands of miles and is remotely operated from central New Mexico has measured a span of 66,000 light-years from Earth across the Milky Way's center to a star-forming area near the edge of the other side of the galaxy