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21 February 2018

ASCEND Private Pilot brings training in the form of a game

I have always wanted to pilot a plane. I play simulators and board games like Crimson Skies so that I can feel the joy of flying a plane without actually getting into one. Well now I have discovered a way to learn the stuff I need to know in order to get a pilot’s license. This is freaking genius and I am surprised it wasn’t done a long time ago. Below is listed some stuff I lifted off of the kickstarter. Go check it out and see all of the details and help this great project become a reality.


ASCEND Private Pilot is a board game that helps student pilots gain the knowledge required to pass their initial FAA written exam.

My name is Jared Bryant.

I was born in the year of the AMC Gremlin.  The Gremlin rolled off the assembly line on April 1st 1970.  I am still convinced it was an “April fool’s” joke perpetuated by the American Motors Corporation.  It looks like a light switch.

I had a standard 70’s childhood, complete with banana bikes, Stretch Armstrong and the windup Evil Knievel motorcycle.  Being the youngest brother of three, I was beaten mercilessly, but enacted sweet retribution with my ability to vanish into thin air when it came time to mow the lawn.  That may not seem like justice for getting rolled into a 5X9′ rug and left abandoned for hours at a time…but we had 14 acres of grass to mow, so justice came quicker than a mower blade meets the tall grass.

I could speak about my teen years, but I would be leaving too much out in the name of protecting the innocent.  I had the best friends then, and I have retained those friendships through no small amount of bribery.

My adult years have been filled with music.  I was in a band called Thought Industry. We utilized Taco Bell wrappers as pillows while driving thousands of miles to play in front of people who showed up because they thought we were someone else.

Everything in my life has been an adventure up to this point, and I see no reason to expect anything but a future of continued serendipity and gratitude.  I wish to give a heartfelt thanks to all who see this creation and wish to contribute.  If you decide to hold off on helping, I still hold you in high regard for your interest.  Please drop me a line and let me know what I can do to win you over.  Best wishes on every path you choose.

Here is my life pursuit…summed up in a Kickstarter campaign.

It is debated, that over 80% of everything you will learn about aviation (book-wise), is gleaned from studying the Private Pilot rating.  Put another way, the Private Pilot License requirements are the foundation that all future aviation endeavors will be built upon.  For this reason, the ASCEND Private Pilot game will be the most expensive product offered by the ASCEND Group.  At a price-point of $199 (USD) it falls far below current CD-Rom and DVD training platforms, while offering something current training methods do not  – i.e. direct verbal interaction between pilots. 

The object of ASCEND Private Pilot is to become the owner of an airport.  This is accomplished by correctly answering FAA test questions for the Private Pilot rating. Players gain or lose money by answering questions.  There are over 800 question cards divided between 19 aviation specific categories.  Answer them all correctly and pass your FAA written test with flying colors!

This is the ASCEND Game Surface - Circa March 2014
This is the ASCEND Game Surface – Circa March 2014
ASCEND game surface as of March 2014
ASCEND game surface as of March 2014

What you are about to become a part of, is a fun training platform disguised as a game.  This is the beginning of a company devoted to helping other people succeed.  Please enjoy this brief history of how the game came to life, and what I need to get 1000 games produced for the global aviation market.

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