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22 January 2018

Amazing Gaming Girl, Kinumi Cati

In the world of gaming many people think of guys in their parents basement, pounding down cans of Coke and gaming all night long. In reality the gaming world is becoming a girl’s club of exceptional skill and style. Galician born Hecaterina Kinumi Iglesias better known as Kinumi Cati broke not one but two World Records in endurance gaming for the games Final Fantasy and World of Warcraft. Most gamer guys cannot hold a candle to this kind of dedication to the game. In addition to being a powerhouse gamer she is also a model and a musician. As chance would have it, I was lucky enough to score an interview with this exceptional girl.

World records are not an easy thing to break and your broke two. What inspired you to make the attempt?

Well I love playing video games and I wanted to get more exposure for my music, so I got this proposal of breaking gaming world records and I was like “doing something I love while helping my music career? Here I go!”. It’s got nothing to do with playing at home with your friends for a whole weekend, none of my friends was even there lol I was surrounded by strangers as only people who have absolutely no connection with you or people who organize the event can be a witness, moreover, there are also lots of guidelines you must follow if you want to break a world record.

Kinumi_Cati_Guinness_World_Records_Yuna_FFXHow has your success changed your life?

Well, since my first record I’ve received mails from people all over the world which at first is like “wow” because it was from one day to another, I’ve gotten mails from Mexico,Peru, France, U.K, Philippines… People who knew nothing about me until I started breaking world records and wanted to show me their support. Some were shocked that I was a girl who likes video games, I don’t think that’s something that weird though, my dad already got a huge consoles collection when I was born and he kept on buying new ones until I was like 6 and my mom told him to “through all those distractions away and don’t ever buy more games or consoles”, which is painful to think about that nowadays cause he had from an Atari to the PS2 Slim and games that went from Super Mario to GTA San Andreas, and all of that just disappeared so we were somehow forced to became PC gamers as we could hide the fact that we were playing way better lol but to be completely sincere (mom sorry if you get to this article) my dad kept a couple of consoles, portable ones cause they were easy to hide lol and one PS2 with some games, no new games were bought for this consoles ever since then but sometimes we used to play when my mom was not at home lol

On the other hand weird as it sounds, I had never had the opportunity to go to anime and gaming conventions, cause there are no conventions like that where I live now, and this year after my WoW record I got a lot of invitations to go to these kind of conventions as a guest and do interviews, give a little concert and so, not just in my country but even outside Europe, I’ve already attended some and I’ve got more next year, that is just amazing.I mean, I never thought the first time going to conventions would be like that, like people asking for pics and autographs, I’m a really social girl so I knew a lot of people and made new friends too, and of course had a really good time. To be sincere my life has changed in many ways and I think that’s something good.

Do you have plans to go after another world record?

Sure!! I’m glad my producer wanted me to go for a new one so lately I’m thinking which game I ‘m going to pick, haven’t decided yet.

I understand that you are a musician as well as a gamer. Why don’t you tell me a little about your music?

All this breaking records adventure started because of that. Talking about my dad again he got me into gaming and taught me about the importance of music. When I was a little kid he had a little piano, he loved it and loves music but he wasn’t good at it so it was just there waiting for someone to play it, until I started playing with it, playing like if it was one of my toys, my dad saw that and he tried to taught me how to really play a piano, I soon started playing songs along with some background music, and one Christmas not too long after that my present was a new piano.

I have always been told that music is culture, I grew up with that concept, music started to become the most important thing in my life, I would sing when my parents weren’t at home because I felt embarrassed to sing in front of them, ever since I can remember music has been my biggest dream, but telling my parents “Mom, dad when I’m older I wanna be a singer” that can be a challenge … I had already been laughed at by my music classmates when once the teacher asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up, when I said I wanted to become a musician everybody but the teacher started laughing (and it was a music class, how ironic is that lol), and even though that made me feel bad I didn’t doubt that was what I was going to fight for.

Once I was singing locked in my room and I didn’t realize my parents had already arrived home, suddenly someone knocked the door and it was my parents, my face went all pale like “busted” lol to my surprise we were talking for a while, and they really liked what they heard so they supported my dream of becoming a musician and helped me record my first songs and demos when I was 10. Later I would create my YouTube account and start uploading some songs there, then I would break my first world record and here I am now, just trying to do want I love the most.

Kinumi_CatiWere can people go to listen to your creations?

You can check my youtube account which is called kinumicati, there I upload songs, some gaming stuff and anything that comes to my mind lol. I can tell you that the next song I’m uploading is a version of “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica, I already have the video recorded but since the GWR Gamers Edition 2015 came out I have been so busy that I haven’t have time to upload it yet, I also have two WoW videos I have to upload, I’m planing on uploading them this weekend though.

And you are a model too? Wow, that is alot of possible career options for someone so young.  Tell me about your shoot with GWR?

Thanks, I’m hoping all this can help my career, I’ve always believed that if you put your effort into something and do things from the heart sooner or later that something will happen to you. I’ve always been into everything that’s artistic; music, modelling, I started oil painting as a kid and I also consider video games to be art.  My shoot with GWR was awesome, I never had the money to buy a cosplay and have no time to create one myself, so it was my first time cosplaying and the cosplays are just beautiful, when I saw them I was like “OMG they’re so cute” lol I had the opportunity to chose which characters I wanted to cosplay so that was pretty cool too.  People from the GWR who came for the shoot were as nice as you can imagine, it was an amazing day, I really enjoyed it and I met lovely people. I still need my parents permission to break world records so it’s a relief that they support me otherwise none of this would have happened, and this shoot was one of the best days of my life.

What kind of modeling would you like to do in the future?

I would like to model for fashion magazines centered on different fashion styles like lolita, gyaru, decora kei and so which I could only do in Japan, even though I have already received offers, to work there you have to move there and unfortunately my parents can’t pay that. So I would like to do modeling for fashion magazines and also appear on tv commercials, specially I would love to appear on a videogame commercial lol that would be great.

Would you like to tell your fans about any of your future projects?

I will attempt at least one new gaming world record next year and I will go to many anime conventions where I would love to meet you guys! I’ll make sure to keep you up with the news through my twitter and my facebook page, stay tuned. I also would like to know your opinions for new records or if you just wanna recommend me a video game or ask me to play together someday, you know, here I am o((*^▽^*))o
twitter: @KinumiCati

Having listened to Kimuni Cati’s music I was quite impressed. She has a great voice and her music reminded me of the kind of music I would expect to hear in an anime. Her Youtube channel has many interesting videos but the clips of her music are by far the most enthralling. Whatever the future holds for this amazing girl, I suspect that we will hear much more about her in the coming years. When she breaks her next world record, you will be able to read about it right here.

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