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22 February 2018

Age Past: The Incian Sphere

Age Past: The Incian Sphere offers us, yet another fantasy world to explore. From the name I thought the game was going to be about the South American Incan people but soon discovered that I had misread the title. The cover shows us a variety of adventurers of different races and harkens back to games of Talislanta. As I dug into the book I discovered that it was relatively well written and easy to read. The few typos within the pages were far less than I had seen from big companies like Wizard of the Coast and that is a testament to the care the author took towards presenting his work.

The Incian Sphere is not a magic item as I had thought. It is not a relic. It is not even a treasure. It is a sphere of influence. As you peruse the many maps in the game you will see that there is many spheres and each has its own history, problems, and politics. The setting is very comprehensive compared to many others on the market. I come back to Talislanta for the setting reminds me much of that universe.  This leads us to recognize that this is the first of many books if you want the complete setting. While it is great for a game to tease us with what may come, I fear the future as many Indy games fall to the wayside for various reasons. I pray that is not the case with this one.


The artwork in the game is excellent and there is a lot of it. This helps you get into the flavor of the game very quickly. Lets look into the book with a little more detail. The chapters are laid out as follows:

4 Designer’s Notes

5 Important Game Terms

7 Beginning

8 History of the Incian Sphere

12 Timeline

15 The World & Spheres

17 “Oasis of Heaven”

18 World Map

20 Incian Sphere Description

22 Incian Map

24 “Coming of the Titan”

28 Dice Rolling

28 Archetypes

30 Understanding Your Character

32 Building your Characterage_past_archetype_cocnepts_by_tsabo6-d41a7iz

35 Leveling, Experience & Wealth

36 Comrades

40 Filling out the Character Sheet

42 Races Overview

43 Races Quicklist

44 Races

67 Skills

68 Using Skills

69 Skills Overview

70 Talents

73 Language Skills

73 Professions

75 Spell Skills

75 Skill Calculations

76 Skill Check Examples

77 Fumbling & Charts

79 Powers

80 What are Powers?

81 Powers List

97 Favored Enemy List

98 Bloodlines

102 Factions List

106 Acolyte Listage_past_battle_by_tsabo6-d32fjhh

107 Shifting Rules & Cards

108 Powers Quick List

110 High Level Powers

113 Morality

114 Choosing a Morality

116 Morale Drive

116 Demeanor

117 Nobility & Titles

118 Character Flaws

120 Godmarks

121 “Dark Forest of Thrumpleborg”

123 Equipment & Gear

124 How do I Equip?

125 Size of Equipment

126 Equipment Quick List

127 Alchemic Brews, Powders & Salves

128 Ammunition

128 Clothes

129 Combat Equipment

129 General Equipment

132 Grenades

133 Magic Items

133 Poisons

134 Potions

134 Scrolls

134 Transportation

135 Traps

136 Weapons, Armor, & Shield Rules

137 Weapon List

141 Racial Weapons

142 Weapon Quick List

143 Armor List

145 Armor, & Shield Quick List

147 Spells

148 Casting & Extending Spells

148 Casting Penalties

149 Spell Schools

150 Psionics

151 Scrolls

152 Spells by Level

154 Air School

156 Blood Magic

158 Earth School

160 Fire School

162 Healing School

163 Limbo School

164 Matter School

166 Mind School

168 Nature School

170 Necromancy School

172 Shadow School

173 Summoning School

174 Vigor School

176 Water School

178 High Level Spells

181 Sample Characters

182 Alluron Dance Trooper1306258630_age_past_armors_by_tsabo6-d330x4w

183 Exile Independent

184 Huurton Acolyte

185 Master of Construction

186 Northern Tundra Guide

187 Sentinel of the Compass Sea

188 Silpen Lord

189 Warcaller

190 “Secrets in the Mountain”

201 Combat

202 Combat Basics

202 Combat Procedure

203 Weapon Strength

204 Combat Example

205 Using Miniatures to Help Play

208 Taking Actions

208 Action List

210 Combat Rules List

215 Elemental Attacking & Damage

216 Reflex Attacks

218 Making Saves & Attribute Checks

219 Movement, Terrain, & Visibility

220 Called Shots & Brawl Damage

221 Special Attacks

222 Combat Quick List

223 Combat Critical Hits

224 Situational Effects & Modifiers

226 Advanced Combat Tactics

228 Poisons

230 Grenades

231 Attacking & Damaging Objects

232 Siege Weapons

234 Naval Warfare

236 Ships & Skycraft

238 Hordes & Henchmen

239 Example Henchmen

243 Animals & Mounts

244 Handling Beasts

244 Building Your Beast

246 Mounted Combat

248 Magic & Animals

249 Mount Quick ListthNQUG5ASA

250 “General Viar Lorterra” Short Story

253 Adventuring

254 Exposure & Healing

255 Damage from Strange Sources

256 Companions & NPC

257 Disease

258 Mana & Sensitivity

259 Rogue & Thieving Ways

260 Traveling & Time in Town

262 Traps

264 Insanity

265 Items of Magic

266 Random Magic Item Generator

268 Specific Magic Weapons List

272 Specific Magic Armor & Shield List

275 Specific Magic Jewelry List

278 Specific Magic Antiquities List

283 Crafting

284 Basic Crafting Rules

285 Collecting Ingredients

286 Alchemic Substances

286 Ammunition

286 Armor, Barding, Shields, & Weapons

288 Buildings & Structures

289 Clothing

289 General Items

289 Grenades

290 Magic Items

292 Mechnomantic Items

294 Poisons, Potions & Scrolls

295 Ships & Skycraft

295 Siege Engines

296 Traps

297 Werking

298 Example Crafted Items

300 “The Missing Ingredient”

305 Encounters

306 Monsters

307 Monster Rules

308 Understanding the Monster

308 Monster Sizing

310 Special Monster Abilities & Attacks

312 Running Monsters in Combat

314 Monster Design Rules

316 Monster Templates

320 Angelis

322 Animals

326 Blood Drinkers

328 Clockworks

330 Demonos

332 Dragos

334 Elementals

336 Enchanted

338 Giants

340 Horrors

342 Humanoids

346 Magical Beasts

348 Plants

350 Shadows

352 Shifters

354 Trolls

356 Undeadage_past_3magics_by_tsabo6-d34c2p6

358 Special Monster Weapons

361 Game Tools

362 Game Play Notes

365 Pulp Gaming

366 Adventure Builder

370 Character Name Generator

372 Character Sheet

376 Character Initiative Cards

377 Monster Initiative Cards

378 Companion & Monster Cards

379 GM Screen

382 Level 1 Adventure: Horror Crawl

390 Printable Maps

392 Templates


Are you overwhelmed? I was. This game is huge and very complete. It offers us a very playable world, easy to create characters with many interesting options, and enough to run a very in depth and long campaign. So why do I want more? It is because the game teases us with things that may come. Things that I want to see. I pray that the team of players who worked on this game continue to expand their little passionate project and give us more. Age Past: The Incian Sphere does have its rough spots but with nearly 400 pages, you get one hell of a deal on this one. It is way more than you can expect to read in a single night and many chapters you will want to read over and over again. My only complaint was that I had an electronic copy and I hate reading long books on an Ipad. I will have to seek out a print version to add to my shelves. I recommend that you do the same thing.


You can pick up the primer for free and if you like it the actual game is only $15.00 on DrivethruRPG.



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