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24 February 2018

A new Drinking Quest Saga is coming soon

We all love good games and most of us love to drink. This means that there is a kickstarter running right now that you gotta back. Jason Anarchy has made a new entry into the Drinking Quest saga. If you know who he is, then you know it is fraking awesomeness to the 10th degree. If not, then you have failed to discover one of the coolest games on the market. Lets get to the interview so that you can learn more;

Dude, You are one of my heroes. You have taken my two favorite pass times and turned them into one awesome game. Drinking Quest combines both Drinking and Role Playing and is one of the most fun things I have found to do at a bar. What gave you this idea?


Very kind of you to say! It all just comes from a love of gaming. Then on top of that drinking and gaming with your friends is always a perfect recipe for a great night. I had designed games and RPGs just as a hobby to play with my friends for years and then a buddy suggested adding a drinking mechanic into the mix since we were always drinking while playing anyway… then I realized I went to school for business management had all kind of business experience so I was feeling pretty confident that could make a great game but also self publish.

The goal was always to make a 50% Drinking Game and 50% Tabletop RPG. They are such opposing genres that it was always meant to be a comedy game so humour has to be the hidden ingredient.

It plays like a simple D&D, you have character sheets, you roll dice, you’re on an adventure… but when your character dies in the game you have to chug your drink in real life to continue. There is REAL LIFE tension there as you play.

2For those who don’t know who you are why don’t you tell me a bit about your history and what you bring to the table?

I come from humble beginnings. I was a nerdy kid but a very punk rock teenager. Punk rock taught me to think for myself and not keep my head down. I released my series in a very punk DIY way but also the humour and content of my games comes from that place. I think people are pretty surprised when a Drinking RPG is deconstructing society a little bit.

I chose the name Jason Anarchy because it was stage name when I was in a (not very good) punk band called Anarchy Pants but also it’s because I intended to bring some punk rock to tabletop.

You have had several expansions for Drinking Quest, would you care to share a little about them?

I never think of them as expansions, I always think of them as entries in the series. Every Drinking Quest game can be played on it’s own. They’re all just different silly stories and different silly campaigns in the same “Drunken Middle Earth”.


So lets get the juice on the newest Drinking Quest that you are now running a Kickstarter for?

Drinking Quest: Journey into Draught will be the fourth core game I’ve released (not counting Trilogy Edition which was a compilation.) The idea was to start a new trilogy but really change up the format. It still plays fundementally the same but instead of just one artist now I’m working with a team of 10. Instead of coming with four quests, the game comes with six. So the idea was to beef up the quality and content and set a new standard for the series.

Also the Kickstarter has been savagely unlocking stretch goal after stretch goal so I have to keep adding more. Every backers gets a set of four coasters, a funny magnet and a cloth map. The quality of the games has been increased even more with the stretch goals too. Every game will have a linen embossed box, all linen embossed cards, a nicer instruction book and we’re close to unlocking a custom coin token that will come with every game.

I think the backers are happy with the checklist of things they’ve unlocked 🙂


Are you planning any other new games?

I’m definitely open to it. Everything always hinges on good ideas. I have to picture the whole experience in my head first. If I have a good idea of where I want to go with it and why it will have a different flavour that’s when I start writing the jokes. Basically I make the game exist in my head for a while and then I just sit down and fill in the blanks with funny jokes.

So yes I’d love to do more Drinking Quest games but if Journey into Draught is the last one I ever do then I’ll be really proud of the place where I left it. I’m just focusing on getting this game released before I do anything else.

Besides Drinking Quest, I do have other games coming out as well. I just released “Haiku Warrior” earlier this year that is a simple tabletop adventure for 1-4 players told entirely through haiku!

I’ve never been one to put all my drinks in one basket 🙂


Anything else you wanna talk about I might have failed to ask?

I just want to say thanks to all the backers for their support and making Journey into Draught reach 525% of it’s goal only ten days in!


The long and short of it is this, GO BACK THIS GAME!!!! DO IT NOW!!!!


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