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26 February 2018

A few words with Pinup Artist Brian Gibbs

I recently had a chance to chat with a really cool pinup artist, Brian Gibbs. I discovered Brian while looking for images to use as characters in a game of Savage Worlds. Over the years I have accumulated quite a few of his images. As a game I have used multiple sources of art, to represent various characters and for the femme fatale, Brian’s work is often perfect for my uses. Now I am not publishing any of this and only using the art for personal games but when I get around to publishing another game book, Brian’s art is high on my list of wants. Lets get to the interview;

Brian, how did you get your start as an artist?

 Basically I ignored what everyone else was saying to do, going through school etc everyone said be a builder or mechanic… just not for me had many battles with my parents but I followed my dream, your only here once so do what you love to do.

What artists inspired you and influenced your work? 

 ummm Boris Vallejo was the first artist that I really noticed, I had a go at oil painting and really hated the fact you had to wait while it dried… I’m to inpatient for that.

 Who was your favorite model to work with and why?

There is no particular favorite because each of the girls I draw are so unique, they are funny and crazy, yet professional, and so beautiful. Its great to have candid talks with each and discuss any ideas for the next picture. In some cases I draw for the Photographer and the model only finds out once I email the Photo or they get tagged when I post images to Facebook

Would you like to tell us about any projects you are currently working one?

Every week there is something new, I don’t plan any big projects. I email new people every week, but its generally easier to deal with the Photographers as they understand high res vs. low res, which makes a difference in the quality of what I draw.

Who would you love to work with but have not yet had the opportunity to do so?

? tricky there are so many fantastic models, I’m just looking for anything new e.g. pose, expression something with attitude

I love your Iphone covers, what inspired you to make them?

Probably the main reason is that almost everyone has a mobile device, and they spend more time looking at them (checking email, sending texts gaming etc) I doubt most would notice a pictures hanging on walls, but if its on their phone its about as close to the person as I can get my artwork.

 Do you ever make art that is not pinup related?

Yes I’ve Illustrated for BMW, Porsche, Renault, Casio and many others…

Brians’s Artwork can be found on all of these websites:

Here is a brief selection of Brian’s work that gives some insight into how he designs these incredible pinups:



BG Vector Art


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