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22 February 2018

5th Ed Dungeon Master’s Guide

Well what can I say about this book that I haven’t said about the other wonderful books for 5th edition Dungeon and Dragons. It is truly hard to find anything I don’t like about this one. The books is solid and thick counting in at 320 pages. It is loaded with tons of rules, campaign starters, magic items, and tables galore. As a lover of 1st ed this book is a Godsend.

I was flipping through the magic items and discovered the trio of Black Razor, Whelm, and Wave. I had an instant nerdgasm. I hadn’t seen those names since 1980 when I went on White Plume Mountain at Gen Con XIII at the University of Wisconsin. I loved that adventure and have always hoped to replay it but seeing it get mentioned the in new Dungeon Master’s Guide was beautiful.

So what can this book do for you? Well for one it offers you everything you need to create your own adventures and it fills in a few gaps that were missing during the Tyranny of Dragons Campaign. Chapter four which is only ten pages long is so chock full of usefulness that I can see using it in nearly every game system I might play. The chapter gives you so much detail about NPC development that even a novice GM can seem like a master. Then I hit Chapter five and discovered one of my favorite parts of the 1st ed DMG, Dungeon Design tables insanity. It was so many tables that it might even have been a little overwhelming but ultimately these tables give you the ability to seem like a creative genius with very little effort.

The book also offers tons of advice on running a campaign and it has more magic items than you should be able to use in several years of gaming. That is of course assuming you are not a Monte Hall gamer. Over seventy pages are dedicated to magic items and that is a whole lot of magical ideas. This book really brings the “Old School” back to gaming. My game book collection stands at over 1000 books but only one shelf is dedicated to my favorite books of all time. This book has made that shelf. Truly a testament to the positive changes we have seen coming from Wizard of the Coast in the past year.

So here is a summary of what you get in the new Dungeon Master’s Guide :

  • A $50 book with $200 value
  • Hardcore binding and heavy paper weight makes for a book that will stand up to your abuse
  • Hundreds of images to help you give life to your campaign
  • More tables than you can shake a stick at
  • A whole treatise of Planar travel
  • Poisons, diseases, and madness in detail
  • and lots more

This book is well worth the $50 price tag and would make a great Christmas present for every gamer you know. I am sold on 5th ed. Wizards of the Coast has succeeded after nearly two decades in making me a believer of Dungeons and Dragons as a serious Role Playing Game. The Dungeon Master’s Guide will be released on December 9 just in time for Christmas. If you buy it on Amazon Prime the cost is reduced to $29.97 which is an awesome price.


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