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22 February 2018

50 sHAdes of VORpal ~ The funniest kickstarter ever made

I ran across this one and thought it was a joke but then I saw how it had already made over $1000. You gotta see the stretch goals and you will be laughing so hard that your ribs will crack.This really is one of those time that I think that Kickstarter didn’t even read what they were approving. Funny shit. Many of the stretch goals are impossible to fullfill at the pricing listed and I suspect that backers will get nothing on this one.

Here are a few of the stretch goals:
$912 I run a game for you
$913 I fly out to run a game for you
$915 I drink all your parent’s liquor
$916 I actually run the game for you while sober
$917 Nevermind, forget that idea
$938 I add advanced movement rules
$957 I add super advanced movement rules, like pegasuses
$999 I add gender rules, like how boys can lift more than girls
$1000 I add rules for making sex
$1044 World map added.
$1071 World map added that matches the world of VorpaL
$1101 Join me when I win that EMnies
$1152 Join me on stage when I win it
$1210 You can accept my EMnie for me. I’ll be at the bar.
$1212 Demi-dragons with laser beam eyes!
$1235 Damn. Just looked at prices for drinks.
$1241 New pencils

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