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21 February 2018

5 million Steam keys being given away ~ Get yours now.

PC Gamer, the global authority on PC gaming, has teamed up with, a leading global retailer of value Steam key bundles, for an unprecedented giveaway of 5 million Steam keys.

From 25 June anyone visiting with an eligible Steam account can get a free Steam game. Five games will be given away, with each available for a week before being replaced, and a million codes up for grabs every time.

The first free game to kick off the giveaway will be Zachtronics Industries’ SpaceChem on 25 June. This excellent and intelligent puzzle game received an 89% review score from PC Gamer upon its release in 2011. A different free game from Bundle Stars will follow on each subsequent Wednesday for the next four weeks at, and readers can expect a lot of variety from the lineup. PC Gamer’s Facebook page at  and Twitter feed @PCGamer will announce each new game on a weekly basis.

Samuel Roberts, PC Gamer Editor, says: “The selection and scale of this giveaway will really impress our readers,” says PC Gamer editor Samuel Roberts. “It’s great that we’re kicking off this massive offer with a game that we rated so highly upon release, and each subsequent title will make a valuable addition to our readers’ Steam libraries, too. We want to show the users of how much we value their loyalty and millions of free games seems like the most logical way of doing that.”

Bundle Stars was founded in November 2012 by UK publisher Focus Multimedia, and since then has led the way in bundling together collections of Steam keys with massive savings on regular prices.

Grant Hughes, Bundle Stars Business Manager, says: “We are excited to partner with PC Gamer and give readers the chance to build their own free bundle of high quality Steam games over five weeks. Every week launches a brand new bundle, saving gamers all over the world up to 97 percent off a mix of great Steam games.”

Each key will be obtained by liking the Facebook pages for either PC Gamer or Bundle Stars, or alternatively following Bundle Stars or PC Gamer on Twitter. Full details for how users can obtain each individual key will be made clear when each weekly giveaway goes live on

PC Gamer is the leading authority on PC gaming culture, with over 5.5 million unique visitors per month on and a long-running, celebrated magazine available both digitally and in print.

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